The joy of teaching

Primary three students of Kiyunga Primary excited about using a computer for the very first time!
Primary three students of Kiyunga Primary excited about using a computer for the very first time!

When we started taking computer literacy to schools, we were not quite sure how long we would last. The first training team that consisted of  the two founders of Maendeleo Foundation; Eric Morrow and Asia, would be completely wiped out at the end of the lessons. Sweat would be dripping all over their faces from all the activity of loading up a car with chairs, tables, the tent, a 70kg Solar battery and assembling everything at schools and then teaching over 100 students  every day.

You would think by the time they were done assembling the computer classroom, they would be too tired to teach. Oh well, yes they were but the wildly excited children that came rushing into the tent were enough to energize them through 5 hours of teaching under the Ugandan sun.

The first lesson of teaching kids how to use a mouse was always challenging.Most of them would hold it with a lot of force like it was about to escape, others were too afraid to hold it firmly and some were busy figuring out what this machine can do that our explanations met a deaf ear.

Very soon as the kids watched the trainer move the mouse and hear the baloons pop, they too started and the whole class would go wild with giggles, laughter, sounds of accomplishment and calling out their friends to see what they had done.

Surprisingly, 8 years later, that excitement, joy and energy still fills the computer classrooms.

Our computer trainers are always looking forward to the lessons because of the energy and excitement they get from the children.

They see, feel and absorb the excitement and carry it with them.

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