How do we use information?

For society to effectively reap the benefits of information, it has to be accessible and free.

The recent events in Uganda have left some people questioning whether people have a right to information or not. Recently on the 12th of May, all the commonly used social media i.e. Whats App , Facebook and Twitter were switched off by Uganda Communications Commission for security reasons. Many loses were made in business, a lot of speculation aroused among people and a lot of people were left frustrated by this shutdown.This incidence left very many question in people’s minds like


While some people continue to reap the benefits from technology and information, others continue to abuse it. Information on social media travels like wild fire; people are able to record events as they unveil and share with their friends.But what information do you choose to share with others? Does it incite violence ,promote pornography, call for change, build people or what.We ought to appreciate the power of technology and information and it’s our responsibility to make great use of these tools and support others to do so!

Written By

Charlotte Taremwa, Volunteer at Maendeleo Foundation

University Graduate from Uganda Christian University.



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