My life changed because of Computer

Those who have fully attended our ICT training sessions have a complete Practical education and a specific line of work fitting into them to earn a livelihood. Kakembo Paddy trained with Maendeleo Foundation Advanced Computer Training and Incubation Center during his senior six vacation. Between December 2012 and March 2013, Paddy completed training in basic computer skills, graphic design, and digital photography. He was able to receive this training because of a full bursary offered to him by Maendeleo Foundation. Paddy uses the computer skills he learned to work as a photographer and photo editor with Events Guru (one of the leading photography and videography and  studios in the heart of Kampala), and to pay for his Bachelors of Commerce degree from Makerere University. Below is an interview with Paddy.


Question: Tell me about yourself.

Answer: My name is Paddy Kakembo. I was born in December 1992, which make me 23 years old. Right now I am a photographer and editor, and am also pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Commerce at Makerere University.


Q: Which schools did you attend?

A: I attended Nalusse Primary school and Bishops Senior Secondary School (for O’level and A’ level).


Q: When & where did you start using computers?

A: I first used computers in my O’level but was not efficient. I only became efficient after I joined the Maendeleo Foundation Training Centre during my senior six vacation in 2012.


Q: Why did you choose Maendeleo Foundation over other computer training centres?

A: I chose Maendeleo Foundation for computer skills training for a number of reasons. The Maendeleo Foundation Training Centre was near my home so I needed no transport. Also, there were sensitization activities the organization carried out about its services which convinced me to visit their office to see what they taught. These included posters & fliers. After asking around, I realized they were cheaper than all the other places.


Q: What training course(s) did you complete at Maendeleo Foundation and how much did you pay for each?

A: First I enrolled for the Basic Skills Training which covered Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the internet. I later did graphics designing and photo editing using Photoshop. All of these were hands-on, skills based courses. For all the courses, I didn’t pay any money because I was given a full bursary.


Q: How did you end up at Events Guru?

A: I joined Events Guru through a cousin. She was also in her S.6 vacation and was working with a company near Events Guru studio in Mukono. At that time, Events Guru need someone who could use Photoshop. I was about to complete my graphics design course at Maendeleo Foundation so I went to Events Guru and after discussions with them I realized the company was doing the same things I had studied at Maendeleo. So, the computer skills in Photoshop were an added advantage.


Q: Has photo editing helped you in any way since you started out? What have your achieved using your computer skills from the Maendeleo Foundation?

A: Photography and photo editing helped me a lot. I have used these skills to earn a living and pay for my Bachelor’s degree at Makerere, I have made friends at different levels, I have met many different (big) personalities and talked to them, and I have also got the opportunity to move to many places within and outside Uganda. I have managed to teach other individuals, which makes me proud.


Q: What is your inspiration for keeping in this industry or field?

A: First I like what am doing, which I liked even before joining media production. I also have a dream of starting my own company in the future. The field is also well paying.


Q: What do you dislike about this career?

A: Some people don’t want to pay after service delivery, and some people undermine this career.


Q: How would you describe a good photographer or photo editor?

A: A good photographer or editor is one who is willing to learn and make research about what is trending or new on the market at a given time. One who is willing to accept and learn from their mistakes and do the right thing. He/she should also be a good time manager.


Q: What else do you do apart from working at Events Guru?

A: Mainly I study at Makerere University. Sometimes people give side photo editing jobs which I do when not at work and at the university. On a few occasions I managed to get contracts for my own functions like covering weddings, introductions, graduation functions, and birthday parties which bring extra income.


Q: Where do see yourself in, say, five years?

A: In five years I will be 28 and will have finished my Bachelors’ degree. I will be able to save more because I am currently using my savings to pay for my studies. I plan to be self-employed with my own business and able to train other people in photography and videography. I will achieve this using my savings.


Q: How do you spend your free time?

A: I watch football and movies. I also research for tutorials to broaden my photography knowledge. This has helped me improve the quality of my work and know about other applications like Adobe Lightroom.


Q: How are you using your computer skills to help other youths/people?

A: I use the computer skills to train other interested individuals and to help anyone who approaches me for help with a problem I can solve. This also makes me proud.



I would like to appreciate what Maendeleo Foundation did for me and for a job well done.

Stephen, one of Paddy’s work mates since 2015, says Paddy is hardworking, friendly, always stands for what he wants, and is very focused when it comes to work. The Maendeleo Foundation would like to congratulate Paddy on his hard work and successes.


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