A Visual Update From Our School Program!

We concluded our term two 2016 successfully on 2nd September 2016. Today, we would like to share with you a few photos from the end of the term!

Term two pics 013.JPGTerm two pics 017.JPG

The term was filled with exciting topics for our students. Some classes had fun with the paint game, keyboard game and Easy Typing Puzzle and from this they acquired basic computer skills that will help them when we introduce new computer programs next term.


Click here to see one of the final products of Maendeleo’s school term, a beautiful certificate designed and created by the students!

With our students that were using Microsoft Office Word during their practical lessons, they covered various topics such as typing, editing, inserting pictures, tables, designing certificates, typing letters among others. Maendeleo Foundation is delighted to share with you some of the exciting moments our students had in the various schools under the School Program.

Feel free to contact us in case your school or community needs our services on +256 790 910 737 or Email: info@maendeleofoundation.org .


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